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Monday, November 16, 2009

Renamed, improved and on PayPal !!!

We are very happy to announce that this blog has been renamed Creative Catholics. It was formerly known as The Creative Catholic Centre.

Why? Well, one, I think it sounds better. Also some people spell centre (British style), while others spell it as center (the American way) so I thought I'd just eliminate the word. Spare everyone the confusion (not to mention lost traffic - just in case there was a verbal recommendation).

And that's that...


I thank my God each time think how He sent some of the most unexpected orders my way. So far, I haven't really promoted this blog and most of the orders come from people who know me from church and my blog was just a catalog for them to check out how my knotted Rosaries look like.

A month or two into its existence, I started receiving orders from the foreign students studying here, who serve in Lifeline, our youth ministry. Before I knew it Cradle Creations has made its way into Indonesia.

Then, there's my very good friend Mama C, who left for New Zealand to spend Christmas there. She ordered 10 Rosaries and Crosses from me as presents for her nieces and nephews who live there.

(These are the 10 pieces of my latest creations in NZ)

I was already very happy ... never dreaming of my handmade pieces ever leaving Malaysian shores... then out of the blue, I received an email from a New Yorker....

That blew me away. This Catholic from Warwick, St Stephen's parish wanted to order my Rosary Wrist Bands - Garden Of Roses and the Christmas+Easter. I was so excited. However, I felt so ill prepared as I have not learned much about transacting money online.

God sent him to teach me something new and indeed He did. Somehow God even sent me a short 1-day FREE internet marketing course along the way - within my research time.

To cut a long story short, I finally settled on setting up a PayPal account and finally transacted with my new friend in NY. Thanks for your patience RL ;-)

With baby Mary in my life now (read my main blog if this information seems like Greek), time is indeed a priceless commodity, but I'm sure God will open up time for me in this new area of my life...

I will soon feature the other creative catholics and their products and services - in time for Christmas I pray.

So keep coming back...

God bless

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