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Monday, March 12, 2012

More Merchandise

During this 3rd week of Lent, Creative Catholics has finally
come to live again after a long break. For those who have
been subscribing and following this blog, please accept my
humble apologies.

Last year was indeed a very hectic and busy year. What
took up almost half a year of 2011 was the staging of St
Thomas More - The Musical.

It was also a testimony that with God everything is possible.
How you may ask? Well for starters, due to desperation
and need, yours truly actually wrote four original songs
for the musical.

It still baffles me till this day. But as I said with God, all things
are possible even when others thought it impossible. So Tom
Cruise is not the only one who can handle a Mission Impossible, eh?

That brings me to the idea that since the musical was an original
idea and also four of the songs on it are, perhaps there is a way
to put them up here too since this is a blog to promote Creative
Catholics right?

Anyhow I discovered on Amazon that they have this service
called CreateSpace in which it helps writers and composers to
sell their original work with its help. I'm really excited about it.

For starters, to kick start this new label - More Merchandise
= everything and anything related to St Thomas  More, I've
created a carousel widget of books written by the saint himself
and also books others wrote about him.

There's also a medal you can order from them. So if you are
a Thomas More fan like me, here you go, check out my widget
on the right.

Once I checked out what CreateSpace can help me with,
perhaps I can put up the original songs from the musical here too.
Who knows, maybe even the recorded video of the musical?

Stay tuned for more from this blog. I pray to the Lord I shan't
be a slacker into the future, okay? Pray for me too, please.
Pretty please.

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